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Angry birds space 3

angry birds space 3

Perhaps the only strategy for Fry Me to the Moon level 3 - 3 is to fire a Red bird just north of the first planet, avoid the two pigs orbiting it. The bird. Angry Birds Space 3 stars level Solar System 3 Star walkthrough. Tutorial showing you how to get 3 stars. This walkthrough tutorial shows you one way to get 3 stars in Angry Birds Space Fry Me to the Moon 3 -5. Nothing worked for me with that method. I also shot Laser Bird to the ICE Block bottom-up!!! This will very consistently give a one-birder and three stars. I flung the laser Bird low beneath the radishes and when it was directly below the leftmost bubble pig hiding among the radishes, I launched it straight up taking out the pig. The debris from the TNT is critical to getting the one birder — it takes out a few of the pigs for you.


Angry Birds Space - 3 Star Walkthrough All Levels (Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Danger Zone, Eggstroids) angry birds space 3

Angry birds space 3 - dem William

My personally Highscore That, or it is device-dependent? Hit pig in bottom right circle and fly into TNT or bounce or dead pig will detonate. Fairly quickly after reset fire Laser as into the top of the larger gravity field. I also shot Laser Bird to the ICE Block bottom-up!!! AngryAdvisor see below has achieved a decent score without tnt as well.


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